HSI Renewables

HSI is a leading fast growing solar company certified from certifying bodies of Pakistan (ISO, PEC, AEDB etc.) standing among the largest solar companies in Pakistan providing quality solar solution without compromising over performance, standards, reliability, durability and off course at affordable cost.

Range of Services

Our range of services includes

Net Metering

Net metering is a utility billing mechanism that facilitate to store surplus generation of solar into utility that provide flexibility of energy usage anytime and credit excess energy of solar to your energy bill against peak hour energy usage

HSI is AEDB certified and authorized Company for Net Metering ( Residential ,Industrial ,Commercial & Agricultural ) Licensing & Solutions all over Pakistan

Government Subsidy

Punjab government is offering 50% subsidy over solar system for operation of High efficiency irrigation system (HEIS) through OFWM (On farm water management department) all over Punjab.

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Bank Financing

HSI is offering bank financing from well known Commercial Banks at very aggressive mark up rate up to 6% per anum for your Solar System of any size for your Home, Business, Industries, Schools etc . Our specialized team supports clients to get this facility.

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Products we Offer

We are providing our customers Quality products & equipment for Solar Solutions

For more information on Our Features, just make an Call on (+92 42 35790637) or email info@hsinternational.pk