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Our Services

Haji Sons International ensures the services with quality for the fulfill the requirement of the client which they want.

Why us

About Us

Haji Sons International provides products and services to Agricultural and landscape Irrigation and Solar Customers throughout the nation. From Conventional to High Tech, we provide Total Irrigation and Solar solutions from all the major and world’s renowned manufacturers.

Our Vision

We at HSI, have grown the business into a recognized leader in the irrigation market throughout Pakistan. The knowledge and expertise of the team are demonstrated to every customer that deals with HSI. With water being our most precious asset, We ensure that our quality irrigation systems are designed to give the most efficient distribution of available water.

Our Commitment

HSI not only delivers its project successfully but also provides technical support and timely delivery of quality materials to other service providers in the field, throughout the country for the water-saving cause

Group of Companies



HSI offers a range of products for Total Irrigation & Solar solutions to its customers throughout the country. We are the only company with the largest product range for agriculture and landscape irrigation. View our range below. Also, check out our new products that keep getting added regularly.