Fittings & Components - All types of Irrigation Pipe Fittings


HSI offers a diverse selection of fittings and accessories to satisfy the needs of a variety of applications, including industrial, irrigation, and water supply. A broad range of sizes and pressure ratings are available depending on the size and type of pipes. Micro fittings, barbed, threaded, compression, u-PVC, and other items are available in accordance with international standards.

Barbed Fittings

Barbed type fittings are particularly designed to accommodate the thick wall pipe products offered by HSI and are manufactured in compliance with international standards. They come in three sizes: 16 mm, 20 mm, and 25 mm. High-quality polypropylene injection materials are used to make them.



Tape Fittings

To match the Tape products given by HSI, barbed lock type tape fittings are particularly provided in compliance with international standards. They come in two sizes: 17 mm and 22 mm OD. Quality polypropylene injection materials are offered to them.


Tape Fittings

HDPE Compression Fittings

Compression fittings for high-pressure water, irrigation, compressed air, chemical solutions, and potable water supply systems are available. Chemical resistance is excellent, and it may be exposed to sunshine. Sizes vary from Ø16 to Ø110mm in metric series, with pressures up to 16 bar at 20° C for sizes Ø16 to Ø63mm and 10 bar at 20° C for sizes Ø75 to Ø110mm. A polypropylene copolymer containing a polyacetal split ring is used to make compression fittings. Aluminum or stainless steel are used to make the reinforcing ring.


HDPE Fittings

U-PVC Fittings

Irrigation networks, swimming pools, and industrial applications all employ UPVC pressure fittings. HSI has a large selection of UPVC fittings imported from the greatest manufacturers and suppliers in the globe ERA. These types of fittings meet established national and international quality requirements. These fittings are widely used in a variety of applications because to their exceptional quality, durability, leak-proof nature, and cost-effectiveness.


UPVC Fittings

Clamp Saddles

Plastic saddles are used for secondary line derivation from PE and uPVC main lines for irrigation, high-pressure water and chemical solution conveyance. They are suited for use in potable and agricultural water supply systems, and have been prepared to withstand UV exposure and chemical resistance. HSI offers saddles in sizes ranging from 20 mm to 200 mm, with threaded components ranging from 12″ to 4″ with pressure ratings of 6, 10, and 16 bar at 20° C. Polypropylene copolymer saddles with polyacetal split rings are used in Clamp Saddles. Aluminum or stainless steel are used to make the reinforcing ring.